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remc is pushing the boundaries of the real estate market with it's data-driven approach to connections, stats, Agent Report Cards℠, and enterprise tools for brokerages. The Real Estate industry is experiencing a flight to quality, and we're helping to lead the way by providing unprecedented transparency.

Our team


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Founder / CEO

Zac Ruiz

I love real estate, I love optimizing systems, and I love data. No one I know is surprised I started remc!

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Customer Success

Ray Ray Hicks

I love helping people improve their business! I love it so much that I've been doing it for more than 17yrs!

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Agent Report Cards

Rodrigo Afanador

Ten years and 300+ deals later I get to take the guess work out of who I am working with. You can too!

No industry has more readily available and yet under-leveraged data than Real Estate.

We aim to change that.

Since the first week of the lockdowns in 2020, our Founder, Zac Ruiz, has been keeping a close eye on Real Estate Data. What started out as a need to make The Ruiz Report more accurate has turned into a full-fledged, data-driven analytics & automation software for Realtors®, or as we like to call it, our Agent Production Management system.

The market has never been this competitive. Inventory has never been this low, which means it's never been more difficult to buy a home, and as an agent it's never been harder to find listings. Pair this market phenomenon up with rapidly rising mortgage rates and our already un-charted territory looks even less familiar. To that end, we believe there is going to be a flight to quality in the Real Estate industry.

Information has never been more readily available thanks to tools like our Agent Report Cards℠ and up-to-date Realtor® Rankings. Other will surely follow this model, and we see that as a good thing.

— Agent base


Our statistics are compiled from more than 25,000 real, active agents' transactions.

— Coverage

2 States

We cover 26 counties in North and South Carolina, including some of the largest.

— Advanced algorithms


Our algorithms are updated by data from 2M+ active, pending and closed transactions.