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remc stands for real estate mission control, and that's exactly what it is.

remc is the mission control center for your business - whether you're an individual agent, team, office or even a firm, we give you oversight and data-driven automations to help you operate with top 1% producer best practices at scale.

remc is for individual agents, teams, offices and even firms. You must be an active member with your MLS and in good standing in order to gain access to the service.

remc is currently only available in CanopyMLS (NC). We're based out of Asheville, NC, so we're starting with our local market before branching out, but we're looking to expand! Interested in bringing remc to your local market? Click here to join our waitlist!

Great question! It would be hard for you to know the answer to this one since remc invented the APM!

Our Agent Performance Management system is a data-driven, automated approach to helping you run your business. Just like a CRM manages your clients, the APM manages your business if you're a solo agent, or your agents if you're an office (aka your business!).

It does that by leveraging a direct feed into the MLS to provide automations such as data-driven alerts for important dates or prevailing market metrics (ex: days on market alerts), an auto-populated deal calendar, dashboards with easy to read graphical representations for month over month and year over year production metrics, and much, much more.

remc ranges from incredibly affordable to an incredibly good deal 😉

Unlike most tools in the real estate industry, we proudly list our prices, offer no-hassle cancellation, and we're happy to set up a call to discuss custom pricing for firms or combo deals. Have questions? Contact Sales!


remc is extremely intuitive, but we're always happy to help cut the the learning curve or help optimize! The best way to get a crash course is by scheduling a 1-1 with our team!