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The Real Estate industry is experiencing a flight to quality, and we're helping to lead the way by providing unprecedented transparency.

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That's a great question, why are we providing these rankings for free?! Did you know that you can also look up an agent by name and see their Agent Report Card℠ for free too??

First and foremost, our Founder, Zac Ruiz, has personally benefitted from the information made freely available online since he began surfin' the net as a kid in the '90's. In fact, he learned how to program this very site thanks to free online guides and information, so this is his way of giving back.

That being said, this is a business! We hope that after clicking around for a while you'll see that the quality of the information and services we provide for free is enough to earn us the opportunity to connect you with your new favorite agent on your next real estate transaction (also for free to you!).
At this time we are only in one MLS, CanopyMLS, and they provide us with the transaction data we use. They cover 26-counties between North and South Carolina (you can see their coverage map here), and we only use those covered-counties in our analysis.
The MLS is a direct representation of deal information, as verified by the agents and their brokerages (MLS listing pages are even used in contract disputes!). We've mapped out every transaction in our MLS partners' databases to their respective agents and brokerages, and we use this massive dataset to crunch our numbers. The data is updated every night, so if you're an agent then make sure to update your MLS listings in a timely manner!
Our analysis is as accurate as the data provided, but nothing's perfect we are happy to look into any discrepancies and correct as needed! Think that some of your transactions are missing or that there might be an issue with your stats? Send us a note and we'll make sure to get everything right!