Catawba County
July, 2024

Catawba County

Let's put these numbers in context:
Snapshot for June, 2024
Avg. Price
Med. Price
Avg. Days On Market
Med. Days On Market
Mo. Inventory
No. Closed
Total Active Listings

Monthly snapshot provided by The Ruiz Report. You can read their in-depth analysis of Catawba County in this month's latest report here.

The Top-251 Listing Teams by closed volume2

Data provided by CanopyMLS as of July 25, 2024, 3:30 a.m.

1. Top-25: A real estate transaction can involve up to 4 agents (at least on paper, many more often help behind the scenes!). 2 on the Listing side (the ones with their sign in front of house) - the List Agent and their Co-List Agent - and 2 on the "Selling" side (the agents representing the Buyers) - the Buyer's Agent and their Co-Buyer's Agent. The List-Side and Buy-Side lists do not include Co-Agents, but the overall list includes everyone. More often than not there is only 1 List/Buyer's Agent, Co-Agents are usually only listed when members of a real estate team manage (co-list/sell) a listing for their Team Leader. You can see the team rankings here!

2. Closed volume: Volume is calculated based on closed transactions during the reporting period, in this case during July 2024. Transactions currently under contract (pending) are not calculated for these rankings. Also, this list is calculated using CanopyMLS data, so any deals not on the MLS are not counted towards overall numbers.

3. Overall: Many of these top agents are very proactive and often find themselves on both sides of the same transaction (meaning they represent both the Buyers and the Sellers). As such, overall numbers are not calculated by simply adding together an agent's Buy-side and List-side volumes since that might double count some of their transactions! Overall volume also includes Co-List and Co-Buyer's agents, whereas the Top 25 List and Buyer's agents only count the primary agent (see 1. above).

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